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 Spawncamping explanation VIP

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PostSubject: Spawncamping explanation VIP   Wed Dec 09, 2015 12:28 pm

If you would ask all admins to share their opinion it will result in an endless loop of doubts. I once made a video which I think to be the most theoretical explenation of spawncamping and spawnkilling.

If all doorways or exit ways of the spawn area are covered we speak of spawncamping.
Picture 1: Only 1 doorway of the spawn covered. OK
Picture 2: Overview of both doors. Reason to doubt but not necessary impossible to get out. OK
Picture 1 & 2: If 2 suspects are positioned on both pictures I think it's clear the officers have a tiny chance of leaving the spawn. If you force them to see the same room over and over again each spawn and they can't even set a step in another room, you will spoil their game. Not OK
In the 3th case people get annoyed and warning will be given, actions will be taken. Unless the VIP is around that area. It's the admins duty to ensure a full picture of the situation and make his decision justified.
Easy to explain. If a player spawns and an opponent has a direct sight of the spawning player he is a threath for spawnkilling. In fact he is already spawncamping as the spawning player is defently not able to leave the spawnarea without being noticed by an opponent anyway.
If he takes the shot. Not OK
If he leave the spawning player for what it is. OK
VIP there: If the spawing player is able to see the opponent and the VIP, and also the opponent has sight of VIP, only then he is allowed to spawnkill. OK
Passing by: The typical explanation. I don't get it why people start to argue about this when they get warned. It is at it is, people spawning can not known the opponents intention so we just warn. Just try to avoid spawns for a while then instead of complaining. We had people doing it 3 times in the same round... always passing by eh? = kick. Starts argueing... = temprary ban. The game has been enough spoiled for some players that discussing this stuff is the least we want.

There are those situations... yes... where people get annoyed. Do not spoil the game for others and please be so kind to move from spawn. We are all playing togheter suspects and officers. Our lives do not depend on it. People who continue to be annoying are considered to be violaters of our community rules.

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Spawncamping explanation VIP
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