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 BS War rules

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PostSubject: BS War rules   Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:55 pm

Barricade Suspects War Rules:

1. Each team/clan chooses one map, example: XClan vs. YClan, XClan  choose one map, YClan also choose one map
(A-bomb and The Wolcott Projects are most often chosen). And on both maps you play 2 rounds.
A-Bomb 2 rounds
The Wolcott Projects 2 rounds.

2. After every round you need to switch teams (A-bomb 1st round you are swat, in 2nd round you are suspect, same on second map)

3. After end of every round server need to be restarted (kick ac restart)

4. Respawn time is 30 seconds.

5. Each round lasts 15 minutes.

6. Spray and Pepperball are forbidden in wars.

7. No double switch during the war! (Hurt or no ammo it doesnt metter)

8. You need to wait 3 second after enemy respawn, before you shoot, throw nade, gas or flesh on them. So wait 3 second after they spawn. If they run out from their spawn area before 3 seconds, you can shoot , throw nade, gas or flesh.

9. Bugging is not allowed. Gliding through a closed door, or arresting/freeing through a closed door is not considered as a bug.

10. If a player crashes, the game continues and crashed player can reconnect in every moment, if he didnt reconnect till end of the round, his mate have right to request 5 min more for his mate to connect, before next round start. (only 1 time in match)

11. On the end of war, you count points of every round, who has more points that clan wins.
(To be clear, you dont count round wins! you can lost first 3 rounds for example 55-60, 55-60, 55-60 and in last round to win 80-60, and your team will win that war)
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BS War rules
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