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 Enable VIP Voice manually

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PostSubject: Enable VIP Voice manually   Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:56 am

1) Go to ...\Content\System
2) Find and open file called Swat4.ini
3) Find line Language= (should be under [Engine.Engine]) and get value from there (Example of values: int, cze, ru, svk)
4) Find and open file called SwatGame.* (instead of * should be value we got from Swat4.ini file in step 3)
5) Find line VoiceTypeChoices= (should be under [SwatGUIConfig])
6) Replace line VoiceTypeChoices= in this way:



7) Save file and launch game. In game options select a VIP Voice to be used in game.
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Enable VIP Voice manually
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