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 Key-binds using and formatting

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PostSubject: Key-binds using and formatting   Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:27 am

This tutorial will help us to understand key-binds formatting and also we will learn how to set them up correctly.

• What is key-bind and why do I need it?
Key-bind is a key on your keyboard that will send a message to the chat once you click it. Key-bind makes you able to notify your teammates about game situation really quickly and without the need to write long. One simple key click can bring your team to the better score at the end of the mission. Remember, key-binds make the gameplay much faster!

• Where can I setup my own binds?
All of the key-binds changes will be made in User.ini file, which is placed in your .../ContentExpansion/System folder. If you can not find User.ini file in your game folder, run game once to create this file.

• How about setting up my binds in User.ini file?
Setting up key-binds is really easy, even computer beginner can make such a thing without any problems. So, you don't need to be scared of making such changes. After you open your User.ini file, you should see something like this:

Look for the line called [Engine.Input] (purple highlighted text on the picture), below is the section where will be settings made. We'll focus onto values right under Aliases keys, because they aren't important for making binds, so we will be interested in all the keys below (below the green line on the picture).
At first, we need to understand simple key (each line in the file is one key), which is made from 2 parts; impulse and action. Impulse simulates the key that we press down (orange highlighted text on the picture) and action is the thing (command) that will be carried out after clicking specific impulse key (yellow highlighted text on the picture).

To set up our binds, we need to write a command into the action area. Commands that we will be using for chat features are following:
Say %your text here% - Send a message to everyone
TeamSay %your text here% - Send a message to your team
OnRelease %command% - Execute a command once the specified key is released
%command 1% | %command 2% - The letter | splits commands in case you need to use more than one command at single key.

For an example, we can have commands like this:
Alt=Say Suspect Spotted! - Send a message with text "Suspect Spotted" to everyone once the Alt button is pressed
Alt=TeamSay Suspect Spotted! - Send a message with text "Suspect Spotted" to your team once the Alt button is pressed
R=Reload | TeamSay Reloading - Reload your weapon AND send a message with text "Reloading" to your team
R=TeamSay Reloading | Reload | OnRelease TeamSay Reloading finished - Send a message with text "Reloading" to your team THEN reload your weapon AND AFTER 'R' KEY IS RELEASED send a message with text "Reloading finished" to your team.

• How can I format my messages?
All key-bind text messages we are using support BB code formatting. These BB code elements are allowed:
[B] - Bolds the text
[ u ]- Underlines the text
[C=######] - Colors the message. Replace ###### with the HTML color value (RGB syntax). You can get some of color values here.

Examples of key-binds formating:
Alt=TeamSay [C=FF0000][B]Suspect Spotted! - Send a message to your team with a message formatted like that: Suspect Spotted!
R=Reload | TeamSay [C=55FFD1][B]Reloading, please [ u ]cover me[ / u ]! - Reload AND send a message to your team with a message formatted like that: Reloading, please cover me!

• Can I make a key-bind message that will be send to admins only?
Yes, you can! Just use following command:
KICK AC AS %your text here% - Send a message to online admins. Note: Make sure that KICK AC AS is uppercase!

Read an example of command:
Semicolon=KICK AC AS We have a rambo! - Send a message with a text "We have a rambo" to all online admins

Note: You must be logged in as a administrator to use this command.

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Key-binds using and formatting
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